Become an Asset

Become an asset of this operation!

This mission is underway, but we need you to become an asset to make this operation successful.

You can become an asset in several ways.

Be an informant by actively sharing our post on your Facebook wall and engaging in discussion through the Informant Forum.

More than anything, this mission needs funding!

Help us complete our mission by making a donation to this project.  All donations are appreciated.  Every contribution counts, no matter how great or small.  You can be part of the team!

Donations go to the cost of the restoration project, regular maintenance and upkeep on the Burt Spy Car, and hosting and site expenses.   Keep us up and running (both online and on the highway) by donating today!

Get Listed in the Asset Files…

Also, if you would like to be added to our “Asset Files” listings, please send us your name and preferred profile image after making a PayPal donation below.

Please send images to  We will reply to let you know that we received the image.

Your name and picture will appear on our Cast & Crew page to show that you are now part of the team.

A donation of any size gets you added as an asset.  You will receive a “top secret” folder by your picture for every hundred dollars that you donate.  Once you have 10 top secret folders, they will automatically be converted to a “target acquired” icon.

If you would like to remain anonymous, we will use the anonymous asset image for your contribution.