Loft: Demolition

loftdemoteamThe team ripped up the old wooden floor in the Loft to get ready for the next crucial step of pouring concrete.  This concrete platform will become the foundation for the Operation.

We approached the demolition with brute force, using a sledge hammer and a saws all.   A little C-4 would gave gotten the job done a lot quicker.  Where is Fi when you need her?

In addition to A.K.A. Michael and Sam, we added A.K.A Simon to the team.  Yes…I know.  Working with Simon is usually a bad idea.  As a half-crazed assassin, Simon is a bit of a wild card to work with.  But his passion for demolition and destruction made him the perfect choice to get the job done quickly.  When you are burned, sometimes you have to use anyone who is willing to work with you

All flooring was detached and ripped up, so now all that is left is debris cleanup, and we will be ready to pour concrete.  Does anybody know a good concrete man?


Author: A.K.A. Michael

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