The Loft

The first step to any good operation is securing the headquarters.  For the last few months, Michael and Sam have been working on warehouse spac

The Loft is our top secret headquarters – location is undisclosed.  The Loft is hidden away in the business district of an unsuspecting town (hidden in plain sight).e.  Borrowed from an anonymous asset, the Loft is under way.

The Loft is not yet operational.  Before bringing the charger in for reconstruction, we had to reinforce the roof and eliminate pesky leaks.  We are almost ready to pour a slab of concrete, which will become the foundation for the entire operation.  Soon after, a charger-sized door will be cut in for covert maneuvers.


Once the Loft is operational, it will become the facilities for stripping down and restoring the 73 Dodge Charger Burnt Spy Car.

Stay tuned for progress…

Become and Asset and donate towards the cost of concrete!


Author: A.K.A. Michael

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